About Us

Our Mission
Demystifying Indian legal complexities for all
Our Vision
One stop access to diverse legal information
Our Aim

Law Rewired is a student-run portal, that simplifies laws into easy-to-understand language for everyone. It is a unique portal offering qualitative information on law and related topics. The two important sustainable development goalsQuality education and Gender equality are among the indispensable objectives of this portal. We know that navigating the legal system can be complex and frustrating. Our goal is to ensure that the legislation that govern our daily lives is accessible to people from all walks of lives.

Quality Education

The United Nations (UN) perceives the importance of quality education in developing countries, such as India. Education is indeed an essential element in day-to-day life. With language barriers, lack of education and technological reach, there is a pressing problem of legal awareness among people. Law Rewired will tackle this by explaining laws and legal procedures in jargon-free, simple language so that people have a better understanding of their rights and liberties. Law Rewired will be a simplified, self-guided legal service that is accessible, understandable and user-friendly.

Gender Equality

Though the principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian constitution, its preamble, fundamental rights and duties; discrimination against women is a pervasive phenomenon characterising Indian society at all levels. Even so, gender equality is an essential human right today. The World Economic Forum has revealed that women still face discrimination in all spheres of life. Gaps in literacy prevent women from accessing critical legal information. Literacy not only provides women with the ability to read, but also enables them to be confident and gather social support to act on legal rights. Law Rewired is an initiative that contributes to gender equality, by empowering women through education; enlightening them on legal rights; removing legal impediments that hamper participation in public life; and, at the same time, helping them attain key literacy skills.
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